Friday, 24 November 2017

13 List Of Amazing Black Friday Deals For SEO

For the past month, one thing you will never seem to get tired of is the "black Friday offers" appearing everywhere on the internet.

As a diehard fan of, I always visit the website for valuable stuff that has always enhanced my Internet blogging experience. There are some things I cannot shy away from except I'm an ingrate so therefore, part of those things is the blogging guide magazines I have always got free from serprank.

Yesterday, while roaming on, I found an article on the website which discussed some interesting black Friday seo deals of 2017 and I can't but share the article with all my-p-o recurring visitors and fans.

Saturday, 18 November 2017

EBook For Time Management By Brian Tracy

Mindset matters in every pursuit as a human being. Be that as it may, we all have a whole lot of grounds to cover in terms of goals setting (both consciously and unconsciously). What will then be the needed seeds to ease of success?

Lets look at it this way, work isn’t the main motivator in top performers. It shouldn’t be yours either. Success is often dependent on finding harmony between your home and your office.

This Brian Tracy eBook teaches, in the simplest form, how to cover many miles in the journey of life.

You Will Love This Dividend Screener Tool

I kind of fallen in love with this dividend screener_ it cut the tension, reduce the risk of investing and more importantly made stock exchange business a choice than a gamble.

When making a list of helpful stock investment guide websites, should rank within 1-3 on anyone's list.

As big fan of the website, I have found many tutorials and tools on the website very helpful and another helpful one is the dividend screener.

If you are a stock investor then you will love this dividend screener tool.

Why Top Entrepreneurs Are So Successful

Success is the reward for endeavor which can be seized through varying means. One those varying means is education; embracing the right learning.

The entrepreneurs known for having a constant record of success are generally referred to as learners_ they are never full of themselves, they are never tired of learning.

You! As an entrepreneur, what if a similar habit is part of what you need to hit home run in your online venture.

Day in day out, you say you need answers to worries. The answers you hunger for might probably be buried in the following question:-
"What Learning Can Help My Online Venture?"

Friday, 17 November 2017

Does ClickBank University Truly Help Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the source to high online earning. Virtually all the big internet marketing dogs are fully into it.

Yes, selling impression to third party advertising networks is assuring but rated below affiliate marketing probably due to the wide gap in terms of yield. Many webmasters now ditch other options for affiliate marketing.

Amazon is a very good avenue; the atmosphere surrounding it, makes it seem webmasters passion for Amazon affiliate marketing has wane.

There is likelihood that you still cherish the Amazon Affiliate Program, Im on your side so don't ditch it seek how to boost sales.

ClickBank is good as well. I just got introduced to the ClickBank University. The Millions of praises showered on ClickBank University always leave one concluding that affiliate-sales boost is finally found.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Audio Insight To Perfect Relationship

A perfect relationship is like a Paradise. Everything is bright and beautiful, fear and end are nowhere to be found, all that is wild becomes tame; a perfect relationship is like that.

Everyone need the ability to connect with people.

Friday, 10 November 2017

Increasing Website Traffic With SEO

Testing multiple ways of increasing a website traffic has been a proven strategies to get the desired boost.

There are many actionable ways towards increasing a website traffic such as social media marketing, email marketing, SEO, and so on. Despite that the fact that Search Engine Optimization is the most effective, landing the proper SEO tool is a huge challenge based on the fact that they are either high price or fake.

As thing speeds up with the end of the year, a November-December promo is worth pouncing on.


1. Bucksmethod This one is a trading platform with an IQ Option Visit the Website>>>

2. Clixsense This is one of the online money making for anyone who takes survey Visit the Website>>>

3. Clicktrackprofit This one turns your social network into a money medium for you Visit the Website>>>

4. Etoro This is an online trading with Bitcoin Visit the Website>>>

5. Sportarb This is a medium to join the sport arbitrage for extra cash Visit the Website>>>

6. Traffichurricane This is a revsharing affiliate platform Visit the Website>>>

7. Cbproads This gives you opportunity to promote Click Bank Affiliate products using the ClickBank Ads Visit the Website>>>

8. The-ptc-code This one helps those with affiliate account to get more sales Visit the Website>>>

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10. Zaably This is a content and article website Visit the Website>>>

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12. Paidsocialmediajobs This website has a whole lots of social media job for those who are fan of social media network Visit the Website>>>

13. Blogclicker This one helps bloggers get more traffic and it is free Visit the Website>>>

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15. Ultimatecapturepages This one assists seller get an attractive capture page for their products Visit the Website>>>

Easy Paid Survey for Africa

From the African point of view, taking a survey will earn you a very tiny amount but I then said to myself "this small earning from paid survey is far better than a lot of time wasted chit-chatting on Facebook, Twitter and reddit without anything to show for".

Here are survey I engage myself when taking one or two hours of relaxation by the day:

1. Paidviewpoint:- This is a worldwide audience survey site Check the website >>>

2. Surveychris:- This is a survey oriented website that has quite a list of paid survey. Check the website >>>

3. Surveysavvy:- This survey site is very popular because people don't need PayPal to receive money since payment is via check. Check the website >>>

4. Swagbucks:- It is more than a survey site, people can also get paid performing other functions such as link monetization. People are rewarded with Amazon Gift CardCheck the website >>>

5. Coinbase:- This is a website where you can open a free Bitcoin wallet to receive earned Bitcoin. Check the website >>>

6. Quickthoughtsapp:- This is another means to participate in paid survey on Android devices by installing the application software from Google Play Store; the reward equals Amazon Gift Card. Check the website >>>

7. Mysurvey123:- It is a website that gives detailed guide to legit survey websites. Check the website >>>

8. Coinbucks:- This is a survey site that rewards with Bitcoin Check the website >>>

9. Mypoints:- This is where you take survey and earn points which can be redeemed through multiple means. Check the website >>>

10. Opinionoutpost:- It is a survey site that rewards with iTunes Gift Card or PayPal. Check the website >>>

11. Prizerebel:- This survey website pays via iTunes Gift Card, Prepaid Card, Bitcoin. Check the website >>>

12. Bitcoinget:- This is also a survey for Bitcoin website where you get paid with Bitcoin. Check the website >>>

13. Tangocard:- This is a website where you can easily get Tango Card with Bitcoin Check the website >>>


  1. Freebies,org:- This gives you opportunity to get products for free (be it food stuff or cosmetics or whatever); all that it require is submit an active email. CHECK THE WEBSITE >>>. 
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